American culture is diverse and has many lifestyle. Most Americans know about these distinctions in spite of the way that these locales have encountered monetary changes and that Americans are people who regularly leave their districts of starting point.

Social Life

Most Americans don’t believe in classes, they believe in the real sense of equal opportunity to everyone. Everyone minds their own business and are all working to achieve the comfortable zone life. Gambling and lotteries are popular in America; sometimes we hear stories of those who rises from rag to riches through lotteries.


Playing games is part of the Americans’ lifestyle. American football is the primary game for the Americans. Football also reflects cultural ideas about sex and gender; the attire of players and cheerleaders exaggerates male and female sex characteristics.


Americans loves to eat processed food. Fast food is highly consumed in America Since this is convenient. Americans prefer processed food to unprocessed. They believe it prepared food is healthier than unprocessed.


There is no official national language in America. Several American countries have their own diverse languages. The English language is acknowledged as the first unofficial language, followed by Spanish. Spoken English consist of several dialects, the is because America consists of Native Americans, Immigrants, and blacks. Languages that influenced the spoken English are German, Dutch, Asian, African and Scandinavian languages.

Gender Roles

The man provides food and shelter for the family, while the woman works and also does the domestic work. Sometimes the man does the cooking too, but this depends on the arrangements between him and his wife. When it comes to jobs, the male counterpart earns more than the female ones.

Jobs like Secretarial or low-level administrative jobs, assembly-line work, sewing, and electronics assembly are predominantly for women. Male genders are mostly offered high paid and managerial jobs. The male sex is also offered jobs considered to require physical strength, such as the construction industries and firefighting

Women have the equals legal rights as men. Right to vote, own properties, marry and divorce, right to work and get paid, and other rights. However, men enjoy more social and economic benefits than women



The method of marriage in America differs. Some do the white wedding marriage, which involves going to church to exchange marriage vows, while some prefer court marriage. Most Americans prefer to choose a room size marriage, so as to reduce cost, except if they have enough money to throw on an extravagent wedding. Apart from the ordinary man and woman marriage, gay marriages have also been introduced to America. Also, you’ll rarely see a polygamous family in America, everyone sticks to one, or get a divorce (divorce is rampant in America at the moment). Some married couples decide whether they want children or not, or maybe adopt one.


Americans follow their family line and acquire through both the maternal and paternal lines.  Ladies more often than not take the spouse’s surname upon marriage. However, it is progressively regular for women to keep their own surnames and for the youngsters to utilize both the father’s and the mother’s maiden names.


The level of Educational accomplishment is high. Most Americans finish high school, and half get at any rate some school instruction. Roughly one-fourth of the populace has completed the tertial education.


Behaviours differs according to their background. Americans value emotional and body restraints. Body control is expressed by maintaining a relative distance between each other, most especially in men. Yawning and breastfeeding in the public are considered uncut.


Most Americans are Christians, and the majority are Catholics, then Protestants. Other religions are Judaism, Islam, and others.

Religion plays a major role in political life. Before a politician is considered, their religious life is checked.


Americans have an uncomfortable association with their own dead. Albeit most occupants are Christian, you hardly hear people discuss any subject concerning the dead.

Death is considered as an unfortunate and grave event. At funerals, it is standard to wear dark and to talk in quiet tones. Cemeteries are serious and calm spots. Some individuals have confidence in the resurrection of the dead.