A superpower country, is a country that attains dominance economically, in ideas and ideology, demographic and military power.

Since the fall of the Soviet Union, the rise of another superpower has always being a problem. America is and has been the only superpower since then. But due to recent happenings, it seems like the rise of the new superpower country would soon emerge. Many countries are rising to the challenge, and we might want to wonder which country would be the next super power.

So who is the next superpower?

Talking about the rise of China, India, Russia, and other countries usually bring about the possibility of a new superpower emerging to take the position of America. The analysis based on this discussion often looks simple, and the possibility of these developments are mostly underrated. Moreover, the argument itself seems to misunderstand the real changes occurring in the international system.
Since we are yet to know what the answer would be, we might want to draw up some facts, and predict countries that have the greatest possibilities. India and China are my greatest possibilities that I think might become the next superpower, maybe in 10 years, or 25 years, or even more that 50 years to come.
Can China be the next superpower country? China’s economy is growing rapidly, its GDP is about $12 trillion, and might soon be higher than United state $19 trillion economy in years to come. China is already the world’s biggest manufacturing power, and it’s just a matter of time before their GDP surpass that of US. China is currently experiencing tremendous growth in technology, and their military reforms are improving. However, when it comes to military dominance in its territory, it would be difficult for them since they share the same border with the United States, and are surrounded by four countries, of which only Russia have close bond with them.
China being the largest population globally is a plus, they can boast of sufficient human resources and cheap labor cost. Although if not properly taken care of, this same overpopulation might cause their downfall. Then only problem with China is that the depends on Imports for their survival, and this is not a good thing.
When talking about the next superpower country, country like India cannot be omitted. India has the greatest possibilities of becoming the next superpower, but many are not aware of their potentials. India is rapidly growing in its economy. They are known to be the highest importers of defense weapons. India is one of those countries that can produce their aircraft carrier by on their own, without the aid of any nations. They also have their own ICBM just like some countries like France, US, UK, and others. India is a country with naturally intelligent people. Among them, we can find the best scientists in the world. India is also excelling in space technology. India is historical to launch a rocket successfully in Mars, among all Asian countries. To my observations and research, India’s economy getting advanced, as a result of their population getting more educated. It has colonies in Africa, Just like China, and extends its investments in various part of Africa, as a method of improving its economy. India is the second largest populated country after China, so they have enough human resources. It is governed by functional democratic government.
Russia might be the next superpower nation. It is one and the only country with several experiences on global political affairs, with military and foreign affairs. Since the reign of Soviet Union as the superpower country, they had always been US enemy. Russia made most out of USSR’s property zone, the populace, advancements, military and everything. When it comes to improvement in artilleries and advanced military weapons, such as atomic arms and missiles, Russia comes first. It’s simply an issue of time before Russia builds its declining populace and also its creation of advanced weapons.
Japan is a country with the most powerful innovations and technologies. It’s stable income, and extensive exchange system will extend the Japanese companies, and might exceed that of America’s, and this might make them the next superpower country.
US are still in dominance as the world superpower, and it would be difficult for other countries to take its place. Since China and India are rising up to the challenges, I’ll bet it’s a certainty, but we don’t know when. This article recognise China and India as the greatest possibilities of the world’s next superpower, but that doesn’t means that other countries are not in the race. What is your opinion : Is it India, or China, or another country?
Image Source : Telegraph