In this new era, the job market is a very competitive area. You have to do everything in your effort to impress the recruiter and a “video resume” can help you with that. This doesn’t mean that you will be replacing the traditional paper CVs, but the video CV will actually improve you job application and give the employer a deep insight of your skills and what you are offering. It will help your job application to stand out among others.

Video CV is the best way to show you personality whereas the traditional resume will describe your qualifications, experience and skills. You can present yourself through the video resume. It is important to follow certain tips to make an impressive and remarkable video resume.

Some of the valuable tips for creating a perfect Video Resume are

  1. Check if it’s Appropriate: you should make sure that the Video resume you are making is appropriate to the job and the position you are applying for. If the job is in a media or creative sector, the resume should be decent and mature.
  2. Plan your Video Resume: always plan your video resume before filming it. There are different types of videos. Decide if you want to directly speak to the recruiter or if you want to create a monologue, such as a slide show with your voice.
  3. Don’t just Read your Resume: don’t recite your resume as it is the biggest mistake in any video CV. Instead speak about your achievements to the recruiter and what you can achieve in future with your skills and talents. You should talk about your experience but the examples should be relevant to the job.
  4. Don’t read the script: as it will look awkward if you look down to check your notes in a video. Write some outlines to keep you on track. Also, don’t start directly with your experience. First introduce yourself, starting off with your full name.
  5. Short and Sweet: your video should be short and sweet. According to many advisors, the one to two minute video is ideal. It should not exceed that mark; otherwise the recruiters or interviewers will start losing interest in your video.
  6. Clear and audible: before you start filming, check the battery of your cam. You should also make sure that whatever you speak and the picture quality is clear and not blurry. Chose a well-lit and avoid the background noises.
  7. Be Creative: Don’t be afraid to be creative in your video. You can do anything to make your video impressive and unique. Whether you use the humor or the idea of a pitch or you can impress the hiring manager by your editing skills. But remember to make your video decent at the same time. Show your professionalism and the attitude you will have in the work place. Dress properly as if you are in an interview.
  8. Watch your Video: Don’t forget to watch your video before submitting. Or you can show it to your friend. It will help in correcting the small mistakes you might have made. Also be prepared if the video goes viral, so if you are embarrassed to see it go online or your friends and family watching it, then don’t submit it.
  9. Edit the Final Video: if you wish to edit your video one final time, this is your chance. If you think that your video is close to your expectations, so go ahead and share it with the hiring manager.

Remember that the recruiters are only looking for the best and the professional person. They need quality and a guarantee that your work will be up to their expectations. So the video is completely depending upon your personality and effort.

Video Resume is an added advantage to show the hiring managers and recruiters that you are there best option and how you would be grateful in joining their work team. So get up and make a perfect creative video resume!